There’s something about Sunday mornings in the kitchen.

Coffee’s starting to kick in, sun’s beginning to shine through the window, tummy’s starting to rumble. Why make a quick breakfast, when an entire quiche will leave you with leftovers for the week? Ray Charles or Ella Fitzgerald on the radio, everybody’s grooving- the oven’s already on, so why not make some muffins, or bread? And since you’re waiting, make some grains for dinner another night. Get out the big cutting board, and suddenly you’re chopping to the beat. Everything’s prepped, now, so toss it in the dutch oven, and simmer a soup for the rest of the day. All sorts of experiments and tastings to be had- this is how I give thanks.

Since I don’t go to church anymore, so this will be the legacy I leave them- Sunday morning blues… xo


2 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. Love that you play jazz and blues on Sunday Morning. My mother used to play classical music every Sunday. Good memories!

  2. Love this Sunday morning QT in the kitchen with the family! Can you share one of your fave bread recipes? Also, I save unwanted vegetable ends, like celery leaves and asparagus bottoms, in a zip lock in the freezer. Even produce that’s on the verge of going bad that I know I won’t get to in time go into the bag. Come once a month, I dump the whole thing in a pot and make a broth. It’s absolutely nutritious, but bland. Do you have any recommendations on how to give it more flavor without using a ton of salt? Thanks so much and keep the posts coming!

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