Simply put, they are plants that are growing where I don’t want them to. If you googled “weeds”, you’ll see images of pineapple weed, dandelion, clover. Plantain, yellow dock, purslane- all of these plants that we’re taught not to enjoy in our garden, but in reality are truly some nutritious foods.

I feel it’s about perspective- there’s a ton of information on how to “control” these unwanted plants, but if you let go of the control piece, and instead try to guide them- there’s a shift.

In my garden, I am regularly removing or relocating morning glories, violets, even tomatoes! They drop seed everywhere, and often they’ve not been invited where they land, so they need to be guided. I can say the same about our standardized list of weeds, but if I don’t choose to eat them, I compost them to nourish the rest of my garden. That awful Asian bittersweet that likes to choke everybody? We wrestle a bit, and then I form his length into wreaths, garlands, and trellises. I haven’t met a plant that couldn’t be repurposed, so keep that in mind the next time you’re out there on your hands and knees, swatting at the bugs, and swearing at the weeds. xo


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